Cabo Azul Resort and Spa Los Cabos

Cabo Azul Resort and Spa Los Cabos Weddings, 332 villa suits with fully equiped kitchens, this is one of the key points with this hotel and also that it has its own capilla/chapel with seatings to accomodate around 120 guests, a very unique capilla with a modern twist to it. This is the biggest Capilla in Los Cabos period and the view is also really nice. This is a high end hotel with all the treamings, its located in San jose del Cabo and its about 3 minutes by car to the town center, you can actually walk to downtown. They have in house wedding coordinators and they dont charge for outside wedding vendors as far as we saw so far. (updated December 2011). They offer 2 locations to host your wedding, either at their impressive Capilla or at the beach. From what we saw they do let you bring your preffered wedding vendor but check with them our info is correct, and please let us know if you find it to be the other way.

Pros: a very elegant Venue for your wedding. Having a huge Capilla/Chapel on-site. very close to San Jose del Cabo so the taxi will be extremely cheap, and you can even walk to down town but you might break a sweat doing this depending on the time of year. Smaller hotel meaning there will not be ton of hotel guests everywhere. They will taylor to your needs. Close to the airport. They have more than enough wedding coordinators to handle your emails or actual wedding day. You can actually swim at the hotel beach but please check with the hotel because the tide might get higher than normal.


One of the most modern capillas in Los Cabos, placed in the middle of the hotel, you have also one of the biggest in town where more than 100 people can be seated inside this huge space.

Dinner location

On the right hand side of the hotel is where most of the weddings have their dinner, it is an excellent location because its next to the ocean and its also higher than the beach for a better view.

Dinner sets

A nice setting is what you will find in every aspect of the decor, here is what we have seen at the resort. We have not actually had dinner at the resort so we cant say anything about it.

Fire dancers

If you have fire dancers, this is a good location to do this at the cabo azul resort, its next to the location where the hotel normally offer you to have your dinner on the right hand side of the hotel.

Real Weddings

We got some images from photographers to give you an idea of the locations that this hotel offers. Its not a huge hotel so you dont actually have tons of places, but here is what we found, but the creativity of each photographer is really what counts as you well know.

Hotel Cakes

Always trying to show you actual cakes from weddings so that you can have an idea of what to expect from the resort.
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