Capella Pedregal Weddings

Capella Pedregal Weddings, a high end resort that specialices in delivering luxury in every detail, you will breath a very relaxed envirionment, they have their in house wedding coordinator. The hotel was recently built and in a very exclusive location. They only offer the beach for ceremonies but we once saw they had a wedding in the reception area so not sure if they also offer it as a standard. This hotel definitely has the romantic seal all over, rooms are extremely nice and unique in its designs. It has a very nice area next to one of the pools for the dinner location.

Pros: Next to the ocean, it also has its own partially private beach, close to down town Cabo San Lucas, very luxuruios, will not charge you extra to bring your own vendors, at least not that we have heard of.

Cons: Few locations offered to have your ceremony. Price tag, but then again its a luxury hotel, not a swimmable ocean.


An exotic entrance is what you will find at first going through a tunnel that is really awsome, a trully unique experience to be at this hotel.


Just a few things we have seen at this hotel on details of weddings from ideas that the bride has and of the hotel.

Farallon restaurant

An incredible restaurant, right next to the beach with a really nice view of the Pacific ocean and the Capella hotel, built right along the side of the mountain, really blends well with the mountain, we are sure you will enjoy it.

Dinner area

Dinner area is right next to the swimming pool that is on the fext hand side of the hotel, a nice open area, also kind of close to the kitchen, a well planned location.

Beach ceremony

this hotel is very private so its nice not seeing hotel guests wondering at the ceremony location or close by, its usually just for you and your guests.

Reception area

The reception area is close to the dinner location, also close to the beach, its a nice open area and it also sits well for this purpose.


All cakes seen here where made by the hotel chefs.
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