Dreams Los Cabos

Dreams Los Cabos Weddings, a great hotel for the couples who want an all-inclusive resort, this location is one of the favorite hotels for those brides wanting a package deal, its a very nice hotel that has the feeling of being in Mexico in an elegant atmosphere. its not a huge hotel so there is room for everyone at their huge pools and no problem here for making your dinner reservations, they recently added a ballroom in case you would need that for your wedding. Located in the corridor, 10 minutes from the town of San Jose del Cabo and 20 mins from Cabo San Lucas. The only thing that this hotel does not have is a swimmable beach unless the tide is really low but still not a recommend thing to do. They have 2 or 3 wedding coordinators on-site. This hotel has alot of potential for many reasons and that is why rated this hotel as one of the best in the area. They have 2 locations where you can host your wedding, the gazebo or at the beach.

This is a: An all inclusive hotel

Pros: You can bring your preffered wedding vendor witout having to pay extra. An all inclusive hotel something usually great for your guests and yourself. They have a gazebo close to the ocean. Plenty of space for having your wedding at the beach or anything else you could think of.

Cons: Alot of brides complaint for not getting their emails back fast and that is because they have such a high demand for weddings that this is what happens, we hope they can fix this a.s.a.p. so that they can always have happy emailing brides. Its 10 minutes from San Jose del Cabo and 15 minutes to Cabo San Lucas, so you definitely have to get a taxi or rent a car to go to town. Not a swimmable beach except for a few months out of the year.

Hotel from the air

Where you might find a "black dot" is where they usually have the weddings at this resort.

The Dreams Los Cabos Hotel

An all inclusive hotel that is really nice in its architecture and every detail, all focused on traditional Mexican architecture.

Gazebo Decor

We tried giving a few different ideas of what you can do at the really nice gazebo they have at the Dreams hotel in Los Cabos.

Gazebo real weddings

A few weddings to show you to give you ideas on the size of the gazebo and also to see what you can do at your ceremony.

Guests on left at gazebo

To give you an idea of how it looks when guests are sitting on the right hand side only of the gazebo. This helps big time the photographer and videographer to move around at the location.

Cascade Terrace

This largest area offered by the hotel that is also close to the beach, enough space to do anything in mind. Large weddings always pick this area.

Oceana Terrace

This would be the largest area the hotel offers for any type of event, its can fixed for a really large group, no real limit on the size of the event.

Beach ceremony decor

Here are a few ideas on Beach ceremonies that we have seen at the dreams hotel.

Dinner Decor

Wedding details for your dinner scenario, all done by the dreams hotel, except for the flowers, those are done by outside vendors. Somestimes the decor also comes by outside vendors

Dinner Buffet

We have seen some really nice looking buffets at this hotel, its an all inclusive hotel so its not gourmet food but its pretty good and always well presented.

Hotel architecture

A hotel designed and influenced by mexican architecture, filled with details that can get your photographer inspired for some unique ideas on photography.

Adittional decor

Just a few more things we have seen at weddings at the dreams hotel.

Large ballroom at dreams

This is the new edition to the dreams, a really large ballroom if you ever needed the space, it can hold around 200 guests and it was finished in the end of 2010.

Live bands at dreams

If you decided to have a live band the Oceana Terrace would be the perfect location, definitely enough space for that and more.

Cocktail hour

Decor and food usually offered by the hotel for your cocktail hour.

Other Details

Nice ideas that other brides have done in recent weddings. Most of the details where purchased in Cabo and some from their home town.

Wedding cakes

We have all types of wedding cakes that have been made by the chef of the hotel or personnal in charge of that area.

What we recommend:

- If you have 100 guests or more, you might want to think about hiring an outside wedding coordinator as it might get a little exentric with the details and the coordinators at any resort have other weddings they have to attend and it might be best to have sosmeone who can do those specific needs of yours.

- The gazebo at the Dreams resort has one thing that photographers have a hard time with and it happens if you have guests sitting on the left hand side of the Gazebo, a few hours before sunset you have half of the guests with sun and the other half with no sun so its just a heads up on the matter and also to think about maybe having the guests on the right side of the gazebo if possible for better pics, it also gives more space for the photographer - videographer to do their work.

- This hotel has alot of good things about it, one of the things that we have always seen is that you will never have hotel guests all over any wedding, the hotel is not huge so this has never been an issue and brides love it.

- The hotel next door, called: Casa del Mar is also of the same company as the dreams hotel so you can also maybe think about doing part of the wedding on that side, or maybe the other way around, we have seen this happen on some weddings, something to think about.
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