Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resort

Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resort Weddings, a very nice resort with an excellent beach for weddings, this hotel has a very special location called "The Imperial Suite" its a private villa in front of the beach, you could almost say that it was designed for weddings, we do have some pics of this place. The hotel also has an incredible beach area for the rest of the hotel also used for weddings that is without a doubt very nice with rock formations very unique to the region. The hotel offers 5 different locations for weddings, one would be at a terraze close to the restaurant that is closest to the beach, for the other location not being at the beach they offer the imperial suite, you have to rent the villa in order to get that specific location, and then the beach that is infront of the imperial suite where you would also have to rent the suite mentioned in order to be able to host the ceremony. The other location would also be at the beach but on the lelft hand side of the hotel, away from the imperial suite. They also have a large ballroom in case you would need it. A very nice and elegant resort. This hotel is priced a bit higher than your average nice resort.

Pros: Very nice beach. Elegant. Beautiful ballroom. Very nice design of the hotel. Timeshare. Wedding packages. Wedding coordinators on-site. Golf course very close. Will let you bring your preffered wedding vendors with no extra charge.

Cons: you have to rent a car, get a taxi or book a transportation company to go anywhere outside of the resort. Not too close to the airport (25 mins away).

Hotel from the air

An aerial view of the hotel, at the beach there are 4 locations where the hotel offers you to do your wedding, on the right hand side you will see the imperial suite a perfect location for weddings and a little seprate from the rest of the hotel.

Dinner/first dance location

This is the largest platform they have for any wedding at this hotel and this wedding was over 100 guests so it was basically the only option they had, and as you can see everybody had enough space for dinner and dancing.

Beach ceremony left side

This is the furthest location for a wedding and its usually offered for the bigger size weddings basically because its close to the biggest flat area there is for the reception and dinner so that guests can stay in one place.

Table Decor

Here a few photos of some of the decor we have seen at weddings.

The Imperial Suite

A view from the air of the "Imperial Suite" at Fiesta Americana, you can also see the pool of the suite, its an incredible location for a wedding, its on the right of the resort and its completely separate from the rest of the hotel.
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