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10 Things that you really want to know about getting married in Mexico

1.        Be there early.

A lot of hotels require that you arrive in Mexico at least three full working days prior to your wedding.

2.        Keep in mind holidays & Weekends.

In many cases you cannot hold a wedding on Sundays, Mexican holidays, or during Easter Week.

3.        Requirements for legally married in Mexico.

Getting legally married in Mexico involves some legal paper work and blood tests. Each state has its own requirements, so be sure to check with your wedding coordinator.

4.        Only civil marriages in Mexico.

Many resorts offer religious or traditional weddings, but these are ceremonial only. To avoid legal issues, some couples choose to be legally married in their hone country and hold a ceremony in Mexico. These ceremonies are often referred to as Renewal of Vows and many resorts offer packages for these types of ceremonial weddings.

5.        Consider the season for your wedding.

Like you should know, hotel rates vary substantially between the high and low tourist seasons. In general, the hottest months for most of Mexico are from June to September. We also advise that you avoid hurricane season, which usually peaks between August and October.

6.        Beneficence of separated hotels.

Couples who choose to stay at a separate hotel from their guests gives them more privacy during their honeymoon, and also allows them to stay at a more expensive property while giving their guests a more economical option. Sometimes, these weddings can involve additional costs.

7.        Privacy can be important.

Some locations offer more privacy for weddings than others. If its important to you and your fiancé that your wedding be a private event consider a boutique hotel, hacienda, private home or villa, or a secluded beach for your wedding and reception.

8.        A little touch of you.

Consider bringing decorations and wedding favors from home to add a personal touch to your ceremony and reception. Don’t forget to check with your airline to find out if they have any restrictions for what is allowed on the airplane, and your Mexican consulate to find out restrictions on what is allowed into Mexico.

9.        Check discounts.

The published rates on hotel websites and in tour operator brochures may not be the lowest. Check discount travel agencies, or ask the hotel for group discounts.

10.        Relax and enjoy.

In general, a destination wedding comes with some unpredictability and you will have to let go of the need to control everything. For sure your trip will be more enjoyable if you show respect for its culture and customs, and courtesy to the people. Just focus on planning the things that are extremely important and let go of the rest, remember enjoy the experience of having a Mexican wedding!

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