Hilton Los Cabos

Hilton Los Cabos Weddings, A very nice size hotel located in the corridor (between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo) not an all inclusive. A great hotel that has the quality you would expect from a Hilton hotel, the beach is nice and you can actually swim at this beach. You can either have your wedding at the beach or 3 other locations in the upper areas where a ceremony can be performed. They offer wedding packages and have a wedding coordinator on site, but you can also have an outside wedding planner if you prefer or any other vendor at no extra charge.

Pros: Lost of locations for your wedding or reception, great intimate feeling of the hotel, great beach to swimm at. Lots of room for any size wedding or anything you dream of doing. They dont do tons of weddings a year so they will really be fast with emails. They will let you bring your outside vendor at no extra charge. They have a very large ballroom if you might need it, the hotel grounds are pretty big so you will not see many guests wodnering around at your wedding or reception.

Cons: Definitely have to get a taxi to go anywhere. not very many locations where you.

Hotel from the air

Where you might find a "black dot" is where they usually have the weddings at this resort.

Beach ceremony

The hotel usually does the ceremonies at the left hand side of the beach if your looking straight to the ocean from the hotel, so that it can have a more private area for you and your guests.

Upper area ceremony

This is another option for your ceremony if you dont want to be on the sand, its the closest area to the hotel rooms, but its a very private area.

Dinner area

This would be the most common area to have your dinner at this hotel, but the location is very confortable and nice.


Part of the decor here was done by the Hilton hotel and some from outside vendors. Flowers are always done by outside vendors like in any other hotel.


Here are some of the cakes we have seen made by the Hilton hotel.
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