Los Cabos hotel vendor policies

We have compiled some of the typical policies that hotels have for restrictions on outside vendors. For the most part most hotels will let you bring your own vendors, some hotels are hard to change their restrictions but it will depend on your specific situation.
For the most part your preffered vendor will be most likely a choice that will determine the outcome of your wedding so make sure you do your homework to choose the one that best fits your needs.

Barcelo Los Cabos Palace Deluxe

, open to outside vendors, located in San Jose del cabo.

* an all inclusive hotel.

Cabo Azul Resort and Spa Los Cabos

, a high end hotel that is extremely strict with who enters, they have a "short" list of vendors they work with but if you want to bring a local photographer, we believe he or she has to pay the hotel a huge fee to work at the hotel. We did find out that one person tried hiring a photographer for a shoot (not a wedding) and just to take pics at the Capilla it had a cost of $500 USD to let them take a photographer to that location for photos, and that same person told us that they charged something like $200 USD to take pics with a photographer at the beach, and then you have to add the cost of the actual photographer. If you like the hotel and like their rules you will be okkay..

Cabo Surf Hotel

, a small boutique hotel that will let you bring the vendor you like, they are very open on things like that and anything really.

Capella Pedregal

, we are not sure about their policies.

Casa Dorada Los Cabos

, we are not sure about their policies.

Casa Natalia

, a small boutique hotel that is very open to wedding vendors, no restrictions.

Dreams Los Cabos

, we have seen this hotel to be extremely easy with their rules, they want to make sure your confortable and that you have your wedding the way you want it.
They will not charge you anything to bring your preffered vendor, at times they have changed their rules but for the most part its always like we mentioned it (published March 2012)

* an all inclusive hotel.

El Encanto Inn

, a small boutique hotel that is very open to wedding vendors, no restrictions.

Esperanza resort

, a high End hotel located in between San jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, they are very open to wedding vendors, on photographers and videographers, we are not sure on other type of vendors.

Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos Golf and Spa Resor

, this hotel has changed their policy from time to time, but usually they will let you bring your preferred wedding vendor, check with them.

Hacienda Encantada

, we are not sure about their policies.

Hilton Los Cabos

, open to outside wedding vendors, they do work with a few photographers and videographers but if you want more options look at vendors.

Hola Grand Faro

, very open about bringing your prefered wedding vendors, hotel located in San Jose del Cabo.

* an all inclusive hotel.

Marquis Los Cabos

, They recently changed their policies and are now letting brides bring thier own wedding vendors.

* an all inclusive hotel.

One and only Palmilla

, High End hotel located very close to San Jose del Cabo, they are a little strict on their vendor policies, so talk to them if you have something in particular that you want to do.

Pueblo Bonito Blanco

, They are open to outside wedding vendors from Los Cabos, hotel located at the entrance of Cabo San Lucas.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica


Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach


Riu Palace

, strict on their outside vendors, you have to pay $300 USD for anyone to come and work at your wedding, but if you pay the amount you can bring anyone you want, if you bring someone that stays at the hotel, you dont have to pay anything, you would be paying for the room so thats fine too. This hotel in particular is very strict so just make sure you understand how they operate before you book everything.

* an all inclusive hotel.

Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar

, open to outside vendors, hotel located between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

The Westin Resort and Spa Los Cabos

, open to outside vendors, hotel located close to San Jose del Cabo, but located in the corridor.

Ventanas al paraiso

, open to outside vendors, High End hotel located at the corridor, almost in the middle between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Villa La Estancia

, open to outside vendors, very nice condos located in Cabo San Lucas.

Zoetry Casa del Mar

, open to outside vendors, a boutique hotel located between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.
External vendor policies and fees

~ Very important... Some resorts in Los Cabos (cabo san lucas & San Jose del Cabo) for the most part are flexible on who you bring or who you want to have at your wedding, so make sure that first you know that your the boss at your wedding and you can have whatever you want as long as you go with the rules of the hotel, so make sure that you like the rules of the hotel chosen before you pay the deposit, your wedding photos will be there forever in your living room and that is what you will see for the rest of your life so choose well.

If you choose a strict hotel on vendor policies, find out if they have the vendors you want and if not try to talk to them if they will let you have what you want/need. Or if they have a vendor that matches your needs in every way. Its very important that you know that sometimes the creativity that a vendor has or the talent that they might have can only be done by one individual and if you really like a vendor and the hotel does not let you have him or she, you might want to talk to the hotel or venue about why you want a specific talent for your specific need, I am sure they will understand.

Its very important that you know that sometimes the creativity that a vendor has or the talent that they might have can only be done by one individual and if you really like a vendor and the hotel does not permit that specific vendor, you might want to tell them about the talent that your looking for, some resorts will understand but as you know some will not, so put things in perspective as to what is most important.

Please do your homework in finding out about every vendor from the area to see what you like, it could happen that some resorts have not met certain vendor and if you really like the vendor, you could talk to the resort about having that specific vendor at your wedding.

Most hotels or resorts will only send you a list of 3 to 5 vendors in each category, they do this to make things easier for you and for them, and most of the time they will not have a problem if you decide you want ssomeone else, just let them know of the choice you made.

Fees: Very few hotels will ask you for a fee on a day pass, this sometimes happens on all inclusive hotels, so make sure you check this out.

Adults only vs. kid friendly hotels and resorts

"Adult only" hotels have a much quieter, relaxing atmosphere than the ones where kids are allowed. The quality of rooms, restaurants and service are a "cut above" the rest. They are tailored to adults who want to enjoy the beauty and calmness of their surroundings without distractions.

Of course if you have a flower girl or ring bearer joining you the choice is obvious. These resorts usually have two pools: one with games and music for the younger crowd, and also a more secluded adult pool, so everyone can enjoy the vacation in their own way.

What locations are available for your ceremony and reception?

The Mexico destination couple may envision their wedding on a remote section of beach sharing their vows with only each other, their guests, and Mother Nature. If this sounds like you, you will need to be very careful when choosing a resort.

Although some resorts can offer exactly what you are looking for, others just can't offer as much privacy. For example, hotels that are found within Playa Del Carmen are sharing the beach with many other resorts, as well as the locals (like us!). These beaches get very busy and beach weddings tend to attract a lot of uninvited guests. Such resorts may offer a garden gazebo or more private location away from the busy beach.

Sand is also a consideration. If you imagine yourself barefoot as you approach your soon to be husband, then sand is the perfect choice. High heals... not so conducive to sand.

Sun or shade? Gazebos offer shade for you and your guests. That Mexican sun can get pretty hot but it's probably part of the reason you chose to get married here! Don't worry, even when the ceremony location is in full sun the wedding coordinator will keep your guests in the shade until the ceremony is ready to begin.

~ Is it important for you to have a private area available for your reception and dance?

Not all wedding packages offer a private location for your party afterwards. Be sure to inquire about the available options, capacity of each, and whether or not there will be extra fees associated to booking them.

What time do you want your ceremony & reception? Will those times be available for you?

~ There can be multiple weddings per day at the resort you choose.

If other brides have booked prior to you, they will have first pick of the time and location of their events. Some resorts have organized their packages in a way that the schedule for each wedding will flow nicely and not have too much "wasted" time between the ceremony and reception. The earlier your day begins the more filler you will need to keep your guests entertained. Even a perfect schedule for the day, will have you worn out by the end of it. If possible, make sure your times are solidified at the time of your booking.

In the end, whichever resort you choose, the important thing to remember is that you are marrying your best friend and your family has travelled from far and beyond to witness this important milestone between the two of you. Have fun, be yourself, and the rest will fall into place!

A esthetics of the resort can be important for the wedding day photos.

~ The more color, interesting architecture & mature vegetation the better for your images.

After the ceremony, I will take the bride and groom around the resort for some newlywed images. A couple key elements that I will look for in order to create fantastic shots are color, interesting light, and architecture. The more of this we can find around the resort, the better!!

Consider as well that the ocean is a great backdrop! Although the resort aesthetics can offer some colorful and unique images, it will not make or break the quality of the shots. After all, I am trained to find beauty where it may not be obvious at first glance.

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