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Sarah + Tom Wedding At Punta Pescadero Resort - June 27th. 2015

Fernanda A.   |  
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I need to get myself to Mexico stat. Between the tacos, the colors, and those margaritas, I just know I’d be in my personal paradise… and that isn’t even mentioning the beaches! And if I have any doubt of where to go, Los Barriles resorts is where I’ll set forth for because if this beautiful bash by Baja Weddings with Kathy Events is any indication, the spot is pure magic. Juan Carlos Tapia captured it all for us to crave right here! Sarah & Tom

Pueblo Bonito Rose Weddings - July 22nd. 2015

Fernanda A.   |  
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The wedding began late in the afternoon at Pueblo Bonito Rose, The ceremony took place next to the ocean with the famous arch as a backdrop. The sun set shortly after. Following the ceremony, during cocktail hour, the guests were served shirmp and other seafoods that where picked by the bridee n groom. All of the cocktails were custom made by the bride. A slushie machine poured a Sherry Pina Colada and a refreshing margarita with blanco tequila. All of the decor was done by the hotel, and flowers by the famous Mazarte Floral company.

Ali + Mike Wedding At Cabo Del Sol - October 20th. 2015

Fernanda A.   |  
Ami + Mike decided to have their wedding at a location that had a great location for the wedding next to the ocean and also an incredible location for their dinner, so Cabo del Sol came as an easy choice because of its elegance and being very close to their resort where they where staying.

Desiree + Neil At Las Ventanas Al Paraiso Rosewood Hotel - April 12th. 2017

Juan C.   |  
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The beautiful story of how we met: "We were both in Vegas for St. Patrick’s Day and introduced by a mutual friend. After a brief introduction, we ended up talking for 6 hours! The very next day, we met up and talked over lunch for another 5 hours. I had to fly back to Florida at the time and so he rode in the cab with me to the airport, taking advantage of every second he could be with me. With the both of us being spontaneous and loving to travel, we met up in Los Cabos, Mexico 3 weeks later and had the most incredible time. From then on, we were inseperable. One year later, he proposed to me at the very same place that we stayed. An interesting fact about our story is that about a week before we met, he found a four leaf clover at a soccer game while randomly grazing the grass. Since I was about 8 years old, I have had a little box of dried up four leaf clovers that I held onto. Being that we met on St. Patrick’s Day, we found that to be unique and special. How He Asked: We decided to go back to Cabo to celebrate our one year and stay at the very same resort, Las Ventanas Al Paraiso. For our anniversary night, we were set up to have a romantic beach dinner. In order to capture the moment, Neil hired a photographer and videographer and had the resort management send an email asking permission to use our dinner set up to update their romance section of their website. I of course fell for it. We had a beautiful and intimate dinner on the beach right in front of our private villa. Candles and rose petals layed over the perfectly raked sand around us. A violinist played our favorite song from our favorite classic romance movie, Somewhere in Time. When she began to play the song I knew and loved, Neil asked me to dance. As I placed my hand on his chest, I could feel his heart pounding and I immediately knew my life was about to change. He got on one knee and I just began to cry. I don’t even remember the exact words he said to me at that moment. It was as if I had went deaf and blind. I was temporarily paralyzed by the overwhelming emotions I was feeling. Moments after I said yes, I was presented with a big gift box. When I opened it, there was a board with a bunch of buttons and I was told to push a certain one. When I pushed the button, a beautiful display of fireworks lit up the sky. It was the most incredible night and more than I ever could have dreamed. Neil thought of every detail to make this proposal so special and unforgettable. I never thought I would ever meet a man as incredible as Neil, who absolutely adores me. I feel so blessed, I’ve got my fairytale." - DESIREE + NEIL

Melissa + Chris At Las Ventanas Al Paraiso Rosewood Hotel - February 2nd. 2018

Juan C.   |  
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From the Bride... When our twentieth year anniversary came around, my husband chris and I decided that renewing our vows was a the best way to commemorate the past two decades of our lives together. We wanted it to be just our closest friends and our two daughters, an intimate and memorable moment for our small family. So we traveled from our home in Atlanta to Los Cabos for the event. We both adore the beach and what better place to be than at Las Ventanas, we were grateful for perfect weather. We chose to cold-read our original vows to one another, and it was beautiful and emotional to hear those same words so many years later. Their meaning and promises meant that much more two decades further into our relationship. It was the perfect way for us to revisit and remember the people we were way back then. The evening was exactly what we wanted it to be, the perfect picture of life then and now, a small celebration that we'll always remember fondly.

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