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Finding a wedding planner - coordinator in Los Cabos that fits your needs might seem difficult but here we will try to show you the basics. Please feel free to ask us anything you would personally like to know about wedding planners here.

Los Cabos Wedding Coordinators

How do I choose a wedding planner in another country?

First of all make sure they have photos of the work they have done, most wedding planners will talk about recent wedings and they will post some photos of their events, another good point would be to make sure the owner is also a wedding planner, this is important because it means that the owners will check to see that everything happens the way you want it, if he ir she is not going to be your actual wedding planner, and also usually means that the bussiness has a good captain on board. Since this is a destination wedding for you we recommend that you actually talk to them over the phone, this is definitely the best idea. Another great idea is to check forums to see what other brides have said about the planner you had on mind hiring.

Regular contact with your wedding planner is essential

Once you have decided to hire the services of a particular wedding planner, be sure to stay in communication on a regular basis. A good wedding planner has a significant amount of experience and expertise in the area, and so he or she will make decisions on your behalf that are judged to be in your best interest.

Discuss your budget and review your exact requirements

Talk to your wedding planner about your expectations, and be clear about which aspects you are willing to compromise on and which ones are most important to you. Be realistic and honest about your budget, and trust that your wedding planner will make decisions with your best interests in mind.

What to expect from wedding planners - coordinators in Los Cabos.

All vendors listed with us are planners that we have personally seen working or companies that have accomplished enough in the area to be considered professionals in their field, we constantly check our vendors to make sure your in good hands.

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Dinner at the capilla
Once your wedding takes place at the capilla or any other location at the resort, you can host your dinner right next to the capilla, its a very elegant feeling to it in a very exquisite location.
Horse drawn carriage
Comes with the package of booking this capilla by the one and only Palmilla hotel, a very elegant carriage ride that almost makes it look like royalty is getting married.
Palmilla Chapel
Definitely the most romantic one in town and with a very Mexican look that takes us back to old Mexico.
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