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Marquis Los Cabos

Marquis Los Cabos Weddings, romantic hotel located in the corridor between San jose del Cabo and Cabo San lucas. This hotel has around 45 weddings a year and is ideal for any type of wedding. They are a higher end hotel. You will rarely see hotel guests wondering close to the wedding taking place so this is good. This is a hotel that has alot of couples and honeymooners as well. The hotel offers a really nice location for dinner next to the swimming pool on the right hand side of the hotel. The beach on this hotel is somewhat a short walk from the hotel so that is nice if you want the beach close to you but if your planning on having your ceremony at the beach is not in your favor since there is not too much space for a huge setup if your planning on bringing more than 120 guests and you would want lots of room for people to see you walking from a far distance, this is not bad, just something that we have seen brides dont see until they have the set up ready and its the day of the wedding. The hotel is located in the corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, but its closer to San Jose del cabo.They also have a very good size ballroom that is extremely elegant.

Pros: Intimate hotel, very private feel to it, elegant, does not feel crowded at the pool area or at their restaurants with a partially full hotel(guests), gourmet breakfasts, awsome dinners, everything you would expect from a higher end hotel.

Cons: They will charge you if you bring an outside vendor, but check with them because the hotel was recently sold and maybe their policy changed (written on December 2011). You have to get a taxi or rent a car to go anywhere else.

Hotel from the air

Where you might find a "black dot" is where they usually have the weddings at this resort.


A very well sized ballroom with a very elegant decor, can hold about 200 guests comfortably. Its situated on the right hand side of the hotel.


Just some of the details you will find that the hotel offers.


The entrance is really spectacular and everyone says the same thing when they see it.

Upper area ceremony location

This hotel does many of their weddings in 3 different locations of the hotel that are not at the beach, here is one of those areas. This would be the largest area they have for the larger weddings.


All wedding cakes presented here are made by the hotel, we hope to have more pics soon.
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