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One and only Palmilla

One and Only Palmilla Weddings, we think this is the best hotel in town, it has everything, incredible views, swimmable beaches, incredible food, rooms, service, but then again its been the #1 hotel in latin american for a few years so what can you expect. The price tag might be the only barrier you will find. The architecture is all based in the Mexican culture and it even has a wedding capilla/chapel (built in 1956) for up to 50 guests that includes a very very nice horse-drawn carriage, its a very romantic hotel where they will cater you to the max. They basically have eveything you need and if they dont have it they will bring it.

Pros: you have everything you need for your dream wedding. Its own chapel. Close to San Jose del Cabo, awsome beaches with lots of rock formations something that very very few hotels have, a very nice ball room that can hold around 150 guests.

Cons: price tag, and only 1 area to host a wedding in the hotel grounds and 2 locations to host a wedding at the beach.

Hotel from the air

Where you might find a "black dot" is where they usually have the weddings at this resort.

Cocktail hour

This is part of the same very restricted area that can rarely get used for a cocktail but its one of the best locations they have.

Dinner at Capilla

This is another option you can have for your dinner, a very special location if you dont have more than 80 guests because its about as many as you can sit for dinner in this area.

Grass area dinner location

This is a very well known area to host dinners as well, its a very spectacular location very close to the main restaurant. Not suited for over 100 guests.

Horse drawn carriage

Without a doubt the nicest carriage we have seen in town and anywhere in Mexico.

Hotel Capilla

Definitely one of the most romantic looking Capillas in town and probably the oldest one. If you get married here it comes with a horse drawn carriage.

One and only Spa

One of the nicest spas in the area and very spacious as well.

Ballroom at palmilla

One of the nicest ballrooms I have ever seen, always a great place for awsome weddings.

Beach ceremony area

This is another location that they offer but only on certain months, its the absolutely best location for weddings at this hotel but there are some restrictions to getting this location.

Wedding Cakes

Cakes you can expect from this resort.
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