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Pueblo bonito Sunset Beach

Pueblo Bonito Sunset beach Weddings, This is one of the few hotels situated on the pacific side, a larde scale hotel but you will not feel like its crowed because of all the pools they have and because everything is far apart, a very nice resort with all the trimmings, everyone agrees that your getting more for your money at this hotel, not cheap at all but then again this is a very good hotel. They do a good number of weddings per year here so they know what they are doing. As always you can hire any vendor you like here but first look at who they recommend and if you want more options come to us and pick the vendors you prefer.

This hotel is one of the few that has its own chapel, definittely the biggest one in all of Cabo, talking about private chapels.

Pros: Incredible views, very elegant looking, lots of places to go to within the hotel. They have their own wedding coordinator if you prefer to go this way.

Cons: You have to take a cart to drive you where you want to go since the hotel is so big, so sometimes you might have to wait a little for the carts, but if you call from your room they are very good in timmings to pick you up. Also take into consideration a 15 min drive taking a Taxi, so be ready to pay for the taxi, it might be a better idea to rent a car for the whole day and go to different locations all in one day.

Not an all inclusive hotel.

Weddings at the gazebo

Pueblo bonito Sunset beach has their gazebo at the beach area, a very common place for weddings at this resort.

Dinner area

This is the most common location for having your dinner at this resort, if you have more than 60 guests they offer other options as well.

Live groups at the upper area location

The live band looks amazing in this location and it fits perfect, and its also perfect because the dancing area also fits really good in front of it.

Upper area dinner location

This is a great location to have your dinner at, you can fit around 100 guests and you still have room for doing the first dance.

Dancing area at upper location

A good enough space for the dancing area, can hold around 100 guests in the area.

Resort cakes

Cakes done at the resort so that you can have an idea on how the cakes look.
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