Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant Reviews

Mi Casa (San Jose del Cabo), Definitely one of the nicest restaurants in the town of San Jose del Cabo, extremely Mexican looking with many of the details from when the building was built 80 years ago, no question you will enjoy its prime location, it also has an incredible area to host anything in mind, can host 150 guests with room enough for other things in mind. Once finished with dinner you can wonder around the art district, a very famous area in downtown San Jose del Cabo where tou can find all kinds of art from local artist, a very pleasant walk after your dinner. They also have a store inside the restaurant filled with all kinds of hand made art from locals. Tortillas are all handmade. For this location we definitely recommend booking private transportation for you and your guests for the day of the rehearsal dinner, too complex any other way.
We are sure everyone will enjoy this place. This place is also a favorite for photographers doing couples portraits.

Note: We cannot give our input on the food because we have not tasted their food recently only when they opened the restaurant and that was a few years back and we did not really like it but I am sure they worked on this issue, we will update when we get to go again.

Pros: Incredible location for your rehearsal dinner, located in the heart of the art district and also in the heart of downtown San Jose del Cabo.

Cons: Maybe the price tag, it's a little bit higher than other places but then again you have a prime location.

Outside of The Restaurant
The mexican architecture fromt eh 1900's was not touched so it looks fabulous and very well conserved.
Inside Area
Again the details are really nice, all true to the Mexican culture, just awesome.
Outside Restaurant Area
Once your inside the restaurant the atmosphere of the whole place feels like an old hacienda, everyone loves it.

Mi Casa (Cabo San Lucas), One of the premier restaurants in this side Cabo, this is actually the one that started several years back. This is another restaurant that is favored by wedding coordinators and brides in the area.

Pros: Located in front of the town center. Hand made tortillas.

Cons: No parking lot. Price tag a bit higher than other restaurants in the area.

Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant, A well known restaurant that is famous for its views of the arch and also the town of Cabo San Lucas, made for smaller weddings since the space it has is not suited for more than 100 guests for hosting ceremonies but it does have enough space to do dinners for larger groups, this is one of the oldest spots in town and it's still going strong because of it's prime location. 5-10 minutes from Cabo San Lucas and 30-40 minutes from San Jose del Cabo.

Pros: The views. Nice location for your wedding. Good food. All wedding vendors are welcomed. Wedding planner on-site.

Cons: You have to drive to this location or book private transportation for you and your guests coming from any location.
Does not offer a large area to host your wedding. We recommend having a wedding planner after 40 guests, you can find some of those planners here.

Inside Dinner Location
The setting you see here where all provided by outside vendors.
Left Side Ceremony Location
The most popular site to host weddings at this restaurant, situated on the left hand side of the restaurant. It's not a huge area at all, but very nice.
Tables and Settings
We have always seen really nice settings at this location, so that should not be a problem.
Wedding Cakes
All donde by the restaurant as always in our reviews.

The Office, A very well known restaurant, you really cant go wrong here, food always fresh and they even make fresh tortillas right on sopt and you can actually see the lady making them. Right in the heart of the action of the Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas.

Pros: You have an almost guarantee that everything will be perfect because they always have the same personal and is continually trained. Known world wide for its great service. Right in the heart of the Medano Beach.

Cons: A bit more expensive.

A few details of the restaurant. A very well maintained location.
They always make sure you are having a very pleasant time with either live music, clowns or even the very well known Rambo.
You really cant go wrong with fresh food every single time and with a lady making the fresh tortillas on spot.
Can seat around 300 people.
Everything looks very mexican with very nice details that talk a little about the country.
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