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Riu Palace

Riu Palace Weddings, a very strict hotel where you can definitely get married but only with their vendors and if you want outside vendors you will have to pay an aditional $300 USD, we dont recommend this hotel that much because of how strict they are with everything. But remember that you can hire any vendor you like even if they tell you that only what they recommend, its your wedding you decide. And if you have guests coming from other hotels be ready to pay $90 USD per person.

This is a: An all inclusive hotel

Pros: All incusive. Close to downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Cons: paying $300 usd to bring your preferred wedding vendor. Paying $90 usd for any guests comming from other hotels. Lots of people close to your ceremony if you choose to get married at the beach. Always trying to force you to pick their own vendors even if your not sure of hiring them. Always lots of people everywhere.


A very specious ballroom with nice details, people usually use it in the summer so that people can stay fresh all night.

Table settings

This is located on the right hand side of the hotel, somewhat closer to the gazebo but not that close.

Food setup

This setup has been the best we have seen at this hotel, we thought it was very nicely done, all by hand. Not sure if the bride had it special ordered.


One of the biggest hotels in the area.

Left side gazebo

Not an easy spot to move around for the videographers or photographers, there is no way to get a shoot while the ceremony is taking place from the beach, no room to maneuver, its all done from where the guests are sitting, or on that side.

Right side gazebo

Basically both sides are pretty much the same but they are a little different in a few things, this side is next to the pool of the newer Santa fe hotel, so sometimes you will hear people talking and swimming on the other side if they dont see that there is a wedding taking place on the other side.

Beach reception - dinner area

This place is located in the center of the palace hotel in front of the beach, its a very private location where you will not find guests wondering around even if the hotel is full, they will accomodate to your needs.


We will try to show you several cakes that we have seen that the hotel makes, to give you an idea of what to expect.
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