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Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar

Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar Weddings, one of the more Mexican looking hotels, but definitely with the elegant touch in every little detail. Brides love this hotel because its not too big, so not too many tourists and they have lots of pools so no conflict there. The weddings at this hotel have several options to choose from, they have a palapa in the middle of the property next to the ocean, its very nice and intimate location for a wedding, they also have 4 locations where you can have your ceremony at the beach or you can even get married at their own capilla /chapel located in the entrance of the hotel, its very well decorated and it can only hold around 80 guests, we are sure you will love it. Lots of places to take photos at in the huge property.

Pros: They have their own wedding coordinator, but you can have any vendor you like and they will not charge you extra to having them there.

Cons: You have to take a taxi to go anywhere coming from this hotel, lots of people that stay here either rent a car for one day to go to different locations or rent a car for a few days.

Hotel from the air
Where you might find a "black dot" is where they usually have the weddings at this resort.
Hotel capilla / chapel
An old style capilla located at the entrance of the resort, suited for about 70 guests, very nicely decorated.
Beach ceremony
A few weddings we have seen at this resort at the beach, flowers where all done by an outside vendor

D Cortez Grill and Restaurant

Located on the left side of the hotel, we have always heard good things about the restaurant and we have always had a good dinner at this location.

Photography locations at the resort

Some of the different scenarios you can find at this resort, its one of the best hotels in Los Cabos for photos.

first dance at D cortez grill and restaurant

There are two locations where the first dance can take place, its either at the area next to the bar or the larger area in the middle of the restaurant.

Party at D Cortez grill and restaurant

Without a doubt this would be the location where you would have the party at, its the only place where this could happen at this restaurant.

Hotel cakes

Wedding cakes made at the resort. Just to give you an idea of what to expect.
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