Los Cabos Wedding vendors has partnered with Express Mail to have the cheapest/safest shipping service in town for your sacred goods, we can deliver anywhere within Los Cabos and also in the towns of Los Barriles, Todos Santos, La Paz and any town in between. Believe me we now what it means to send your wedding items to another country, its what we do.
  Shipping costs:  
- Minimum charge to you on any shipment no matter the size: $25 USD
- After 20 pounds please add $3 USD per "2" pounds.
- We charge 25% from what you declare on your shipment.
- No charge on delivery if picked up at one of our 2 locations.
- $10.00 USD - for delivery to any address within the Los Cabos area.
- $20.00 USD - for delivery to La Paz, Los Barriles, Todos Santos, and
    towns in the area.
- Importation costs (taxes for customs) are included.
 Mail boxes San Jose del Cabo &
Mail boxes Cabo San Lucas  
Price comparison
with other
shipping methods

Necessary steps for shipping:

1.- Please fill inn the "Shipping order form".
2.- You will have to leave a deposit of $50 USD (done "on-line", you will be taken to paypal after finishing the: shipping order form)
3.- Please send everything to: 693 Marsat Ct. Suite A, Chula Vista, Ca 91911 (You can send everything through USPS, fedex, DHL, UPS, or any other courier company of your choice.)
4.- Very important to write the name: Los Cabos Events, as the "person" getting the box at Chula Vista, CA and the same thing for where it says "company name": Los Cabos Events. Your name will only be written on the "shipment from". You can also download the sign for the boxes here.
5.- Once we get your things at the address mentioned in Chula Vista CA, we will promptly be sending everything on our private freight to Los Cabos.
6.- Once the offices in Los Cabos recieves everything we will be sending you an email so that you can make the final payment if you still owe anything and or getting part of your deposit back if that is the case.
7.- Please send everything 3 weeks in advance before your event.
8.- Enjoy your event!

This is about the size you would need to meet the 20 lb, it all depends what you put inside to make it lighter or havier, but please send the size that best fits your needs, we will deliver eny size you want.
This is a grafical view of how we would actually send your things to Los Cabos through or offices in Chula Vista, Ca.
Mailboxes has 2 location where you can send your things, if you decide for this option, instead of sending your things to a Villa, Hotel, or any other location.  Definitely the cheapest method.

We know how difficult it can be sending your precious items, but we have the answer to your problem and all completely insured and under our wing.

How to send your shipment :

1.- Your things would have to be sent to this address: 693 Marsat Ct. Suite A, Chula Vista, Ca 91911. We have a private service going to Cabo every week, and we did it this way because it was the safest and cheapest for you as our client.
2.- Please write on your package or packages the name: "Los Cabos Events" (we need this name so that we can track it to its final destination in Los Cabos.)
3.- You will have to send everything in "one package" if possible, this will make your shippment the least expensive possible, if you have to send it in 2 or 3 packages thats fine too but it will increment the cost of sending your things because customs will charge everything separate, so please send it in the least of packages as possible.
4.- 20 pounds is the mimum we charge, if your package is less than this we will still charge you $25 USD. If your box is heavier than 20 pounds then please add $3 USD per 2 pounds. Please try to send everything in one box, its the cheapest way to send it. If by any chance you send more boxes, please stack them together and send them as one.
5.- Once the office in San Diego California has your things, everything will be sent to its final destination within Los Cabos, Todos Santos, Los Barriles or La Paz. By the way; Todos Santos, La Paz and Los Barriles has an extra charge of $20 USD since they are out of town areas.
6.- For customs you have to declare the value of your things, you dont have to be precise just a good guess if you dont know.
7.- You also have the option of sending everything to your hotel, villa or prefered location. If you choose to have everything delivered to our office thats fine too. There will be no extra charge for store pickup. You can leave your things in our office for a maximum of 15 days.
8.- The final bill will be sent automatically to your email once the items are in our offices in Los Cabos, once you have paid the final bill through paypal we will be getting an email with confirmation that you have paid the amount or given part of the deposit back, your things will be delivered to its final destination or for pick up, your choice.
9.- Please send your things 3 weeks prior to the date of delivery, we will definitely not take this long to deliver but we prefer to have everything in advance to not rush anything, weddings are usually planned months in advance so this should not be a problem.
10.- Please dont send any liquids, its one thing where we have had issues with because sometimes they are sent in bottles that are not meant to be moved that much and so we prefer not to deal with liquids that you most likely can find in Los Cabos.

Items not allowed by law: guns, bullets, drugs. (please dont send any of these items or your package will be stopped at the customs offices).

Happy to share our

We already made the signs for you,
(Please paste it on the box or boxes).

Shipping Contact
If you have any questions regarding shipping please send us an email, we are here for you.
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(Our shipping staff is operating 24/7)
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