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The Westin Resort and Spa Los Cabos

The Westin Resort and Spa Los Cabos Weddings, a very well known hotel in the area, better known for its dramatic architecture, offers only 2 locations where you can have your wedding, one being very close to the ocean without being on the actual sand, and the other site would be at the beach, most weddings happen at the beach as you already know. This hotel has a very nice beach area filled with rocks on a few places making the views at this hotel very special. The views from the rooms are spectacular as you might imagine. This hotel will let you bring your preffered vendors from what we saw but please check again because it also has to do with high and low season for weddings. They have an on-site wedding coordinator. The hotel is located at the corridor closer to San Jose del Cabo (about 10 mins by car), but also not too far from Cabo San Lucas (about 20 mins by car).

Pros: awesome views. Good food. Lets you bring your preferred wedding vendors (check with them first). they have Several ballrooms if you might need one. They have wedding packages as well as most hotels in the area.

Cons: have to get a taxi to go anywhere outside of the hotel. Price tag.

Hotel from the air

Where you might find a "black dot" is where they usually have the weddings at this resort.

Dinner at their beach restaurant

This is a very popular location for hosting your dinner, its next to the beach, you have a great view and there is also an open area where you can dance.

Beach ceremony area

They have a few different locations at the beach where you can host your wedding but we have photos of the most popular location for your wedding.

Bonfire and Marshmallow

A little idea that we liked from this wedding, alot of brides are doing this and its always a supper idea.

Drinks served

A few snaps of how the drinks are sometimes served, depending on what you order.

Buffet setup

If you have dinner at the restaurant closest to the ocean, we found a few photos to give you an idea of how it could look for your wedding.

Hotel cakes

A little idea on what to expect on cakes from this hotel.
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