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Ventanas al paraiso

Ventanas al Paraiso Weddings, a high end hotel, they will definitely tailor your specific needs and go beyond your spectations. All rooms come with private jacuzzis and the rooms scream luxury. They have 2 locations where you can have your ceremony, one being on the upper part of the hotel and its a pretty nice size area where we have seen many brides also have their reception and other brides chosing it for their dinner place. The other location would be at the beach, it offers more than plenty space to do whatever you had in mind. Most of the guests you will see are either couples or honeymooners and maybe a few movie stars. They also just oppened an exotic Spa with the latest in technology. They also have an on-site wedding coordinator. And from what we saw will not charge you extra for bringing your hand picked wedding vendor.

Pros: Not too many rooms meanning that you will have a very intimate wedding. Romantic hotel. Designed to spoil you in every way possible.

Cons: no ballroom at this hotel. Have to get a taxi or rent a car to go anywhere from this hotel because its in the middle of the corridor between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. Price tag.

Hotel from the air

Where you might find a "black dot" is where they usually have the weddings at this resort.

Beach ceremony

There is alot of space here to do anything you can imagine, its located in the middle of the hotel.

Beach dancing areas

This dancing area was placed in the center of the beach of the hotel, a very spacuious area hat can hold any type of event.

Beach dinner area

Like we have mentioned before this beach location has a very large area for anything you want to do, here area a few ideas.

Beach dinner decor

This is some of the decor that we have seen at this hotel. Always elegant and unique at every wedding.


One of the nicest hotels in the area.

Hotel details

Just a few of what you can expect as part of the decor of the hotel.

Table settings upper area

This is the prime location they have in the upper area of the hotel that is used for multiple purposes and everyone loves. great view of the ocean from here.

Hotel Spa

The newest spa in Los cabos (2012) and one of the most luxurious you will find anywhere.

Wedding Cakes

This hotel does well with wedding cakes from what we have seen, but then again the price tag is a giveaway of what you will be getting.
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