Wedding Chapels Reviews

We have reviewed all of the Capillas/Chapels in Los Cabos and we also included some Capillas from towns close to this area, places like Todos Santos and Los Barriles.
You will not find a more complete list of Chapels for your wedding in any other place on the internet, we have also included photos from actual weddings to give a more complete review.

Chapels (Capillas) in Los Cabos Reviews

Palmilla Chapel, A very nice and very well maintained chapel located inside the One and only resort, the only way to have a wedding here is if you book the wedding through the hotel and it also includes a very nice and elegant horse drawn carriage. This chapel is to us the nicest one in the area. Can only fit around 50 guests that would be the only thing against it if you have a big wedding but you can also have people standing outside of the chapel if you really want to get married here. You can't actually see the ocean from the chapel but you can always have your reception at the beach or even dinner.
Its located very close to the town of San Jose del Cabo.

Pros: Prime location. A really nice horse drawn carriage included. The only chapel where you can actually have a horse drawn carriage drop you off exactly at the stairs of the chapel.

Cons: Price tag, this would be the most expensive capilla in the area.You have to book your rooms at the hotel.

Dinner at The Capilla
Once your wedding takes place at the capilla or any other location at the resort, you can host your dinner right next to the capilla, it's a very elegant feeling to it in a very exquisite location.
Horse Drawn Carriage
Comes with the package of booking this capilla by the One and Only Palmilla Hotel, a very elegant carriage ride that almost makes it look like royalty is getting married.
Palmilla Chapel
Definitely the most romantic one in town and with a very Mexican look that takes us back to old Mexico.

El Encanto Inn Chapel, One of the newest Chapels in San Jose del Cabo is located inside this boutique hotel called El Encanto Inn, can fit around 80 guests inside this chapel and has a nice wide area outside to accomodate a vey nice dinner setting. Located in the town of San Jose del Cabo, the chapel does have alot of Mexican detailing.

Pros: This is the lowest priced chapel in the area, you can also have a horse drawn horse drop you off close to the stairs of the chapel but it's not exactly next to the chapel where you would get dropped off. You can actually walk to other locations from here for your dinner if you had it outside the hotel. If needed your guests can walk from a hotel that is very close called Casa Natalia, in case this hotel needed more rooms to accomodate some of your guests. You are right in down town for not having to move by taxi in that area.

Cons: No beach close by, it's a 8 minute drive to the nearest beach. Cabo San Lucas is a 40 minute drive if you needed to go there.

Sunset Chapel, An elegant and recently constructed chapel inside the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Resort & Spa, it is the biggest chapel in the area period, it can seat 180 guests all comfortably, elegant decorated. You have to book the hotel in order to hold your ceremony at this location. They have a wedding staff ready to assist you.

Pros: They will let your guests go into the resort with no extra charge if you have your wedding here. They will let you bring your preferred vendor with no extra charge.

Cons: It's a 15 minute drive from Cabo San Lucas and a 50 minute drive from San Jose del Cabo. You definitely have to book transportation to go there or rent a car.

Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Chapel, With it's cobblestone lanes, winding paths, fountains, restaurants and shops, is the perfect place for the wedding ceremony. The Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Resort & Spa captures the feel of Old Mexico. Whether the couple is looking for an intimate ceremony for two or a gala wedding celebration.

Misión de San José del Cabo Anuiti, The present construction, although rebuilt after the hurricane of 1918, preserves the original structure and some of it's walls. The mission is extremelly well positioned in the town center and once there you can see basically all of what is happening all around, it is the most specious church in Cabo and we have seen some awsome weddings take place here.

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