Wedding Ideas


The setting for the wedding reception is of prime importance. It can be in a lovely church where the wedding takes place, a beautiful garden covered with white tents, or at the beach.

From intimate chapel setting to private villa to beach, ensuring that the couple´s personalities and lifestyles are brought together in the venue that suits their desires the best. That selection of personalized venues selection extends to transportation, catering choices, floral displays, entertainment and so much more at their disposal. Another option is a garden ceremony, where you’ll be surrounded by fragrant blooms, or rent a villa for you and all of your guests for an intimate affair.

Schedule a Test Drive

Remember, unlike a wedding in your hometown, guests are dependent on you once they reach the destination. Make sure you provide transportation to and from the airport, as well as to all the events of the weekend. Insist that bus drivers do a dry run of the route so they don't get lost between the ceremony and reception.

Be Gracious

A good way to make nice with the local vendors is to send handwritten thank-you notes and even little gifts when you book their services. (Remember that they can literally make or break your wedding, and a little goes a long way toward getting them on your side.) During the event itself, it's wise to have plenty of small bills on hand for palm-greasing, especially in foreign countries and resorts.

Plan a hair and makeup session with a salon, and organize activities (golf, tennis, walking tours, museums) for everyone.

Call On a Courier

Make a plan for wedding presents. If you've got a ton of wedding gifts to take home, ask if someone who lives in your city can take them back and keep them for you until after the honeymoon -- or even drop them at your home for you. Or, pack an extra duffle bag to bring them home yourselves. Figure this out before the wedding so you'll have a plan of action if you need it.


Classical Musical Options:

There are several different classical music trios and duos to provide classical music for your wedding. This is highly recommendable service, for a beach wedding. This is the best option if you wish to receive your guests formally. The musicians can play music for your processional, recessional and even incorporate music during the ceremony. They add a very nice touch to any post-ceremony cocktail reception. One to two hours is generally enough. They also should be provided with a list of the couple´s favorite music, and the most requested list by their guests as well, to include all of them in the song list request.

A Disc Jockey:

A highly recommended option if you want your wedding to be a party for your destination wedding reception, you should consider this option. The DJ is the only one capable of providing many different types of music from the beginning until the end of your wedding. Most DJ offers the following services: DJ Provides recorded music appropriate for each part of your wedding, such as the pre-ceremony welcome time, the processional, the post-wedding cocktail hour, dinner, first dance, party, etc. Also providing special lighting effects for the party such as are found at many popular dance clubs. If you also want to bring some of your own music on CDs, the DJ will play them for you and return them afterwards to you.

Resort Weddings


Los Cabos is home to resorts and villas that are great, that is reflected in the great services and amenities of many of the rooms and suites, all the way to extravagant penthouses that capture the privacy, beauty and romance. If you decide to have your wedding at a private villa, there will be a private chef´s that will invite you to a food-tasting once you arrive in Los Cabo. You will be impressed with his food, I am sure. And for transportation you can contact Transcabo transportation service, which runs up-to-the-minute shuttles, cars and vans to taxi you between most hotels and beaches in Los Cabos. They even run trips to and from the airport, so you and your guests will arrive on time.

The food and bar options will be sent to you accordingly here as an example:

Wedding Receptions

Welcome Your Guests in Style

Rehearsal of Ceremony

Best places for the rehearsal dinner:

The following are local favorites for dining, welcome parties and rehearsal dinners:

Destination Management Companies (DMC):

To maximize your time and stay in Los Cabos, destination management companies (DMCs) offer a perfect solution. Companies such as Tropical Incentives, Exclusive Cabo and Incentives Management specialize in scheduling the logistics, destinations and activities that will have you out and about in the Los Cabos. Planning activities such as; wedding party’s transportation, dinner rehearsal´s, nightlife, excursions, golf packages and cultural tours.

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