Wedding Villas Reviews

Review of the best and biggest selection of villas in town. We have tried to add photos of actual weddings when possible to give a better understanding of each location,
we have chosen the ones where you can have any type of wedding But can also be rented for you to simply stay at. We are adding new ones every week.

Villa Vista Ballena, One of the premier and preffered locations in town, it's also one of the biggest Villas around. Located in the Cabo del Sol Community, between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. It offers 6 bedroom and is located closest to the ocean from any other home in that area, it's right next to the Golf Course. All decor is very precise to an authetic Hacienda. Has a pool room, mini golf (one of the few that has mini golf), TV room and a very exquisite living room. You can fit around 120 guests seated.

Pros: One of the nicest Villas around and biggest. Inside one of the premier Communities in Cabo. You can party all night long here, no real restrictions, except for extreme loud music noise.

Cons: You have to bring all of your guests in private transportation and the vehicles cannot wait outside of the villa, they have to park very far away and only come back when it's time for pickup.

We do not have photographs of all bedrooms but they're just as nice as the ones shown. Extreme detailing in all rooms.
Common Areas
Hacienda style Villa with rich Mexican culture in mind.
Extremelly well maintained entrace with alot of details.
They have a special refrigerator for Wines and room enough for all your needs.
Outside Views
Will not be dissapointed with the views at this location.
Outside Villa
An elegant Hacienda style look.
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