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Los Cabos has basically anything you might be looking for and any type of wedding style you could dream,
we like letting you know what is new in town and with us.

Here is the latest changes.

Take a look at our new Wedding Villas in Los Cabos

Added: March the 1st 2018

Brand new Wedding Villas! Explore our new Villas options in Los Cabos, either relaxing, beautiful or anything, possibilities are endless.


Our "real wedding" section finally has its own link.

Added: April the 11th 2013

In the coming days we will start uploading real weddings from real brides that are tying the knot in the warm beaches of Cabo.


Our "real wedding" section is finally here in 2013.

Added: January the 16th 2013

We are very happy to finally having our "real" wedding section, and our new banner section installed, this should help all our clients promote their products.

Our 3rd year promoting the wedding industry in Los Cabos.

Added: December the 25th 2012

2013 will be very important to us and significant, we are now on our 3rd year and this year we think will be the one that will truly define us as the leading promoting company for the wedding industry in Los Cabos.

Los Cabos Wedding Vendors - Hair and make-up on location

Added: May the 16th 2012

It has become very normal to bring your preferred hair and make-up company to your hotel, we present what some companies are doing in Cabo to make it more unique.


Los Cabos Wedding vendors - Engagement shoot locations

Added: March the 7th 2012

We know the importance of understanding a destination wedding and the limitations of not knowing where everything is located, we have included some of the best known areas where you can have the trashing of the dress in town.


Los Cabos Wedding Vendors - Sunrise and sunset times

Added: March the 1st 2012

A very important part of any wedding, especially since this is a destination wedding!


Los Cabos Wedding vendors - Hotel reviews

We had to talk about all of the options you have in town of where you can can host your wedding, we also have photos so that you can actually see how it looks and how it could be done for your wedding with all kinds of ideas that other brides have done for their wedding.


Los Cabos Wedding vendors - Packing & Shipping

We decided to establish a safe reliable and cheap method of sending your precious things to Cabo in a way that you can be certain that your things will be safely delivered to any location in town. We know you will be satisfied with our services.


Unique weddings & Events

A company that has been in the area for some time and that has tailored many VIP weddings with precision and to the needs of each bride, they specialize in destination weddings.


Costa Baja Resort & Spa

An awesome hotel located in La Paz (2 hours from Los Cabos) that is within the most important marina in town, a new location that is specializing in weddings and that has invested to making sure you will be satisfied with your event.


Phone: + 52 (612) 123-6000

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