Does Xcaret Have Cenotes?

Is Xcaret kid friendly?

For children under 12 years.

Now your children have an oasis of their own, located in a beautiful and safe place at Xcaret.

Kids under 12 years will enjoy hours of fun on slides, suspension bridges, tunnels, and cenotes..

Does Xcaret Park provide towels?

EQUIPMENT RENTAL At Xcaret park you will find everything you need to make the most of your visit. We have at your disposal rental of lockers, towels, wheelchairs, strollers and snorkel gear.

What is included in Xcaret admission?

Access to Plus Area facilities (dressing rooms, restrooms and lockers). One lunch buffet. Includes one beer and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, flavored waters, and coffee) while consuming food.

What is the difference between Xcaret and Xcaret Plus?

Xcaret Plus includes everything that the regular Xcaret Tour includes, plus adds lunch, drinks, snorkeling equipment, lockers, and towels. It also gives you a 10% discount on any water activities once inside the park (except dolphins).

How much is the unlimited Xcaret experience?

The Unlimited Xcaret Xperience package costs 59 usd per person per night (3 nights minimum) You are allowed to get the package upon your arrival at the Front Office.

Do you need to bring towels to Xel-Ha?

we provide towels at Xel-Ha. There is no need for you to bring. … Towels are included in the cost of admission.

Are there sharks in Xel-Ha?

Unlike it’s brethren park Xcaret, Xel-Ha is completely natural (don’t worry, an underwater fence keeps sharks and other predators out in the adjacent Caribbean).

Is Xel-Ha All Inclusive?

Enjoy along with your family an all-inclusive day at Xel-Há park. Spend a day at Xel-Há All Inclusive! … Xel-Há All-Inclusive is an astounding place, one of the best Riviera Maya parks where you will have unlimited snorkel, food, and beverages during your visit, plus the use of snorkeling gear and a free snorkel.

Does Xel Ha have cenotes?

Admire the sacred cenotes of Xel-Há park Some of the most beautiful and mystical attractions in the Riviera Maya are the Mayan cenotes, freshwater reservoirs found across the state of Quintana Roo. At Xel-Há you can find two in the heart of the Mayan jungle.

What is the difference between Xcaret and Xel Ha?

Xel-Ha is more of a water theme park with numerous fun aquatic activities. Xcaret has a water theme park but has many other amazing activities to enjoy as well. Both have numerous restaurants and snack bars located throughout each park. Both have shopping, lockers, and lots of bathrooms, change-rooms and a beach.

Does Xcaret have a beach?

The beach of Xcaret is the ideal refuge to relax. Lay down under the shade of the palapas, and admire the scenery of the inlet facing the Caribbean sea. Walk on white sand, immerse yourself in calm waters, and let yourself be pampered by our beach bar service.

Can you bring food to Xcaret?

You can’t bring food into the park, but you can re-enter if you would like to have a parking lot picnic and then come back. As mentioned above, paying for an Xcaret-plus ticket is a good idea if you know you are going to eat at least one meal here.

What is included in the unlimited Xcaret experience?

The package includes VIP hotel check-in with a special Mayan welcome, complimentary minibar, 10 percent off meals and beverages at Xcaret Park and 30 percent off a 90-minute “WAYAK” Special Mayan Massage (Hotel Spa).

Do I need water shoes for Xcaret?

You’ll be doing a lot of walking at Xcaret Park, so you’ll need comfortable water shoes. … You’ll need water shoes that are thick enough to withstand rocks because thin water shoes will begin to hurt your feet after a while.

How much does Xcaret cost?

The Xcaret Basic admission is $99.99 USD, while Xcaret Plus is $129.99 USD. Get 10% off by purchasing online 7 to 20 days in advance, and 15% off by purchasing more than 21 days in advance.

Does Xcaret have zip lines?

Two circuits with seven zip-lines each (2.4 mi total distance), which include the tallest in Riviera Maya. Amphibious vehicle to drive through the jungle and flooded caves. New activity: Underground Expedition.

Is Xel-Ha safe?

Yes, it is safe for young children to go snorkeling at Xel-Ha. All of the entry points into the water have life jackets available in all sizes. There are also plenty of inflated chairs and tubes to use. The water is warm and calm, so you don’t need to worry about big waves.

How high’s the cliff jump at Xel-Ha?

5 meters highJump into the refreshing waters of Xel-Há from 5 meters high Once the intrepid visitors get to the edge and look down at the river, they will prove their courage if they dare to jump these challenging heights and fall into the refreshing turquoise waters.

Is Xcaret All Inclusive?

Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a cosmopolitan resort that has redefined the concept of Cancun and Playa del Carmen all-inclusive with its innovative All-Fun Inclusive®, being the only Riviera Maya resort to offer access to all the parks and tours by Grupo Xcaret.

Does Occidental at Xcaret have a beach?

Essentially, the Royal Club at Occidental at Xcaret Destination has no beach. Instead, a man-made cafe au lait strip of sand edges a man-made lagoon that fills with seawater and fish, much to the delight of kids who like swimming with the wildlife.

How can I get cheap Xcaret tickets?

When buying your discount Xcaret ticket, make sure to book your dolphin swim too. For most people, the most economical way to reach Xcaret is with a tour that includes the transportation from your hotel, but for those that want to book only a ticket and find your own way to the park, we give you a great discount price.