Question: How Old Is A Flower Girl Usually?

What do flower girls do?


A flower girl typically walks in front of the bride during the wedding procession and scatters flower petals on the floor before the bride walks down the aisle, but some venues do not allow the scattering of petals.

Her outfit usually resembles a smaller version of the bride’s wedding dress..

What color should the flower girl wear?

What should flower girls wear? Little white dresses are the traditional choice, and there are even “mini me” styles that play off the designs of our wedding dresses (think bohemian lace vs. classic tulle). You can also match your flower girl to your bridal party with dresses in the same color palette.

Can a 13 year old be a maid of honor?

The underage Maid/Matron of Honor was able to participate in those two activities. It’s fine for anyone of any age to be a maid of honor. Be aware that she is not old enough to legally sign the marriage certificate as your witness so you will have to someone else do that for it to be legally binding.

Can a flower girl be 12 years old?

Choosing Your Flower Girl Flower girls are usually between the ages of four and seven, but there’s no firm rule. … Some brides also opt to have a junior bridesmaid instead of or in addition to a flower girl; a junior bridesmaid is generally between 12 and 16. You may even choose not to have any flower girl at all!

Can your mom be a bridesmaid?

It’s unconventional, but there’s nothing to stop you from asking your mother to be a bridesmaid in addition to her role as mother of the bride. … If you do ask your mom to join your bridesmaids, think about how you’d like her to be involved (as well as what you think she’ll be excited about and comfortable with).

Can a flower girl be 10 years old?

1. Flower girls are between ages 3 – 8. … You can have a flower girl who’s 9 or 10 (they’re so cute, too!), but at this age, she might prefer to be called a junior bridesmaid.

Can a one year old be flower girl?

2. Age. You can actually choose flower girls from one year old to ten years old, meanwhile the average age is usually 4-6 years old as sometimes those who are older than six are bigger than their age and may prefer to be junior bridesmaids.

Who buys the flower girl dress?

Who pays for the flower girl dress? Traditionally, the flower girl’s parents will pay for the dress.

Does the flower girl get ready with the bride?

Depending on her age, the flower girl often gets ready with the bride. If you would like her to have her hair professionally styled, you should offer to cover the cost, especially if you are doing so for the rest of your wedding party.

Who should be your flower girl?

Little ones from age five to eight are largely considered the best candidates for flower girl duties, as kids in this age range can understand their responsibilities and feel excited about the fancy dresses they’ll don for the celebration.

How do I propose to my flower girl?

Here are the seven cutest flower girl proposal ideas to make an impression on your favorite little lady.Give Her Flowers. The best flower girl proposal gift is the gift of flowers. … Confetti Poppers. … A Piece of Jewelry. … Stuffed Animal. … Personalized Pillows. … Personalized Goodie Bag. … Flower Girl Proposal Gift Box.Mar 31, 2021

How old is to old for a flower girl?

At what age are girls too old to be flower girls? A: Flower girls are generally between four and eight years old. (Sometimes, “mature” two- and three-year-olds pull it off quite charmingly, possibly with parents escorting them down the aisle.)

Is 13 too old to be a flower girl?

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers: Ages 10-12 Flower girls and ring bearers between the ages 10 through 12 are preteens. Thus, they are old and responsible enough to assist with younger flower girls or ring bearers. They still keep the wedding delightful with a sense of independence.

Is 11 too old for flower girl?

The upper age limit for flower girls is usually around 7 or 8. But this all depends upon the child’s feelings. Some 9 or 10 year old children are perfectly happy to act as flower girls. However, more mature girls may prefer to be called junior bridesmaids.

What can you do instead of a flower girl?

Creative Flower Girl Alternatives: 20 Unique Things to CarryPets. … Balloons. … A Photograph of a Passed Relative. … Confetti. … Feathers. … Seashells. … Ribbon Wands or Pinwheels. … A Garland.More items…

Is 14 too old to be a flower girl?

My flower girls will be 14 and 16 by the time of the wedding, I’m pretty sure. If you’re trying to stick to traditions, I don’t know what to tell you, but if you just want flower girls, any non- adult I think would be fine. I’ve typically seen between ages 4-10.

How many bridesmaids is too many?

There were the outliers: Any bridesmaid is one too many, while another commented there was, in fact, “no limit.” But the average response was clear as day: 7.17 bridesmaids. So, if you’re making this decision based on statistical significance, 0.17 bridesmaids beyond seven is the tipping point.

Is there an age limit on bridesmaids?

Thank goodness there’s no age limit on love or friendship! Just don’t give your more mature bridesmaids a personalized walking cane as a bridesmaid gift!