Question: What Does Kindly Mean?

What is another word for kindly?

What is another word for kindly?benevolentkindcompassionatehumanecaringgentlemildwarmhelpfulsympathetic229 more rows.

What type of speech is kindly?

kindlypart of speech:adjectivepart of speech:adverbinflections:kindlier, kindliestdefinition 1:in a cordial or kind manner. antonyms: ill, unkindly similar words: welldefinition 2:please. Would you kindly help me?8 more rows

What is the meaning of kindly in English?

in a generous, helpful, and caring way: They treated me kindly.

Is Please advise rude?

In the end, there’s nothing grammatically wrong with “please advise.” It’s just a question of usage and style. Some people don’t like it because it can be interpreted as rude or demanding.

Does Please mean kindly?

Both the adverbs are used in polite requests, and one of the meanings of kindly is please. In a sentence like “please kindly send me a copy of your paperwork,” please and kindly are redundant. In a sentence like “will you kindly sign the enclosed copy of this letter,” kindly is often used ironically.

Can we use kindly and please together?

Usually, you would not need to use both of these in the same sentence. Please and kindly are both used to be more polite to other people. Having them together would only make sense if you really wanted to emphasize how important it was to be polite.

Is kindly a formal word?

“Kindly” I rarely see this word in formal emails. If you are still using this word, it is best you stop. It is old-fashioned and seemingly antiquated. It is better you use “please” rather than “kindly.”

What is another word for please?

What is another word for please?delightcontentpleasurecharmentertainindulgecheerobligeoverjoysuit224 more rows

Is Thank you kindly rude?

The word does not literally mean the same thing in thank you kindly as it does in would you kindly?, but in both cases it carries the connotation of being so polite that it sounds a bit silly, which makes it polite again.

Which is more polite please or kindly?

“Please” is used more in casual & spoken English while “kindly” would be more formal way of communicating particularly in official letters.

Would you kindly meaning English?

In modern speech this formula has been abbreviated to “would you kindly, ” as in “would you kindly text me when you get there?” … The person speaking is asking the other person to do something kind. When you scramble this expression by saying instead “may I kindly ask you to text me” you are calling yourself kind.

What does it mean when someone says kindly do something?

If someone asks you to kindly do something, they are asking you in a way which shows that they have authority over you, or that they are angry with you. [formal]

Is kindly rude?

“Kindly” can be an awkward term, especially in email. It has a snarky, sarcastic, old-fashioned sound to it, as in “Kindly send payment at your earliest convenience” or “Kindly refrain from contacting me again”. There is nothing intrinsically negative or rude about the word; the definition is simply “in a kind manner”.

Is kindly request correct?

No. ‘Kindly’ means in a kind manner. That would imply that your are being ‘kind’ to them with your request – that you are doing them a favour by applying. As user8577930 says, ‘humbly’ is a much better word.

How do you write a kindly request?

PolitesseWe kindly request. . . .We politely request. . . .We humbly request. . . .We respectfully request. . . .We earnestly request. . . .

How do you write a humble request?

Some examples from the web:I humbly request you.Don’t ruin my son’s future.So, please, for the sake of the secretary, I humbly request that you shut it.L.l.I humbly request an audience with you, my lord.Well, if I am to pursue the elements that you consider a threat…More items…

What does kindly mean in a sentence?

1a : in a kind manner : sympathetically. b : as a gesture of goodwill would take it kindly if you would put in a good word : in an appreciative manner She didn’t respond kindly to the suggestion. c : in a gracious manner : courteously they kindly invited us along.

How do you use kindly in a request?

“Kindly” can be an adverb, a word that usually describes a verb. If your teacher says, “Kindly hand in your homework,” she is using kindly as an adverb to make a polite request. Another way to use the word as an adverb is: The animal doctor always treats our pets kindly.

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