Question: What Happens During Cocktail Hour At A Wedding?

What do you do at a wedding cocktail hour?

From signature drinks and cocktails to custom decorations and fun lawn games, we’ve rounded up our favorite creative cocktail hour ideas, below.Croquet on the Lawn.

A Giant Jenga Set.

Cocktail Table Tic-Tac-Toe.

Roasting Marshmallows.

A Game of Checkers.

DIY Wooden Wedding Sign.

Mariachi Band Cocktail Hour Music.More items….

How much should cocktail hour cost?

The cost will depend on how many bartenders you have (The more you have, the more expensive it is.), how many appetizers you serve, and whether or not you have an open bar vs. a signature drink (A signature drink can cut costs.). On average, you can expect to pay around $35 per person for a cocktail hour.

What is served at a cocktail reception?

A cocktail dinner or food bar reception is where the format for the evening is like a cocktail party with guests mingling throughout the evening while being served passed hors d’oeuvres from servers who are circulating amongst the guests as well as having several food bars or food stations.

How can I make my wedding reception fun?

27 Ridiculously Fun Wedding IdeasServe carnival food: … Pop champagne before the ceremony! … Dress your groomsmen up like superheroes: … And while you’re at it, give your ringbearer a cape: … Create a “Candy Land” sweets station: … Stay comfy by wearing running shoes under your wedding gown: … Get your geek on:More items…

What do you name Happy Hour?

Best Happy Hour NamesLime, Salt, & Tequila.No Way Jose Cuervo.Shots Only.Shaken Not Stirred.The Nightcaps.30 Rack City.No Champagne, No Gain.Highballers.More items…•Feb 22, 2021

How does a cocktail wedding reception work?

A cocktail wedding reception is an alternative to the traditional seated affair. It usually consists of waitstaff intermittently offering assorted finger-food throughout the night. Guests’ stomachs will be filled without them even realising it!

What can you do instead of cocktail hour at a wedding?

A wine or beer tasting is another yummy alternative to a traditional cocktail hour. Maybe you and your fiance even have a favorite local microbrewery or winery. You could hire a professional to guide your guests through a tasting of a variety of either your favorites or local favorites.

Should I have a cocktail hour at my wedding?

Plus, the food and drinks served during cocktail hour are usually what guests remember. … But if you’re eager to get the real party started, or otherwise pressed for time and looking to stretch your reception, there’s no rule that says you have to have a cocktail hour.

Are cocktail weddings cheaper?

Cocktail receptions aren’t always necessarily cheaper than seated. Your guests will likely drink more than at a dinner reception, so your alcohol costs might go up. And depending on the style of furniture and décor, costs may be similar to a sit-down reception.

What is another word for cocktail?

What is another word for cocktail?aperitifbeveragespiritstipplealcoholboozecupintoxicantnipsnifter30 more rows

Can you skip Cocktail hour at a wedding?

With the right wedding day timeline, couples can head right to their reception from their ceremony and save anywhere from $1,000 – $4,000+. You can skip cocktail hour if: You are 100% committed to doing a first look and all of your portraiture before the ceremony (including family formal portraits).

How many does a cocktail wedding reception seat?

Have enough chairs and tables for at least 75% of your guests to sit at the same time, but don’t overcrowd the space with unnecessary seating.

What else can you call happy hour?

Similar words for happy hour: cocktail hour (noun) other relevant words (noun) pause (noun) recess (noun)

How long is the cocktail hour at a wedding?

How long does cocktail hour last? Typically an hour, but it can go up to 90 minutes if extra time is needed for photos or to flip the reception space. If you’ll be going longer, it’s a good idea to include games or other activities to keep guests occupied.

What do guests do cocktail hour?

Cocktail hour. I think it might be our favourite part of a wedding! You get to catch up with old friends, coo over the newlyweds, and indulge in a few tipples and some fabulous food….Make It Interactive. … Local Delicacies. … DIY Food Stations. … Speciality Bars. … DIY Bars. … Make It Seasonal. … Signature Cocktails. … Edible Everything.More items…•Jul 31, 2015

What is another word for cocktail hour?

What is another word for cocktail hour?afternoonp.m.mid-afternoonP.M.siestateatimeundernafter lunchearly afternoonearly evening5 more rows

What do you call a cocktail hour without alcohol?

What do you call a cocktail hour without alcohol? You can call it a social hour, but most people, even those who don’t drink, understand they can get food and non–alcoholic beverages during a cocktail hour. … Maybe social hour, happy hour or pre -reception gathering.

What does cocktail attire look like?

Cocktail attire is a balance between formal and casual and elegant and comfortable. To an event with this dress code, such as a wedding, men typically wear a suit and tie while women wear a cocktail dress. … “It is still an occasion to dress up, but a full-length gown is not necessary.

Is having a cash bar at a wedding tacky?

Many of us have abused an open bar. … “But when you have a cash bar, your guests will drink less—or at least be better aware of how much they’re drinking—simply because they have to pay for it.” It’s not tacky—because your guests aren’t there for the alcohol.

What is the average time between a wedding ceremony and reception?

A break of 60 to 90 minutes is fine. If you’re moving onto a different spot in town for the party, having an hour between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception is fine-it’ll give everyone time to leisurely make their way to the second venue, or to even go home or to their hotel room for a short break.

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