Quick Answer: How Do I Get To Villa Del Balbianello?

How do I get to balbianello Villa?

Villa Balbianello is located in Lenno, Via Comoedia 5.

It is reached by a 1km walk from the center of Lenno (which takes about half an hour,) or by taxi boat from the Lido di Lenno (round trip ticket costs € 7.50).

You can reach Lenno by bus SPT C10 from Como or by Trenord regional trains from Milan..

Who owns Villa balbianello?

the National Trust of ItalyVilla del Balbianello is a villa in the comune of Lenno, Italy which overlooks Lake Como. The villa was built in 1787 on the site of a monastery. By the end of the 20th century, the villa came under the ownership of the National Trust of Italy.

How much does a wedding in Lake Como cost?

A modest 100 person wedding in Lake Como is going to run you a whopping $300,000 or more, as the average cost appears to be about $3,000 per guest. This is assuming you’re paying for their rooms, otherwise it’s about $220,000.

Where is the lake house in Casino Royale?

Lake ComoVilla del Balbianello is located next to Lake Como, Italy. In the spring of 2006, the movie Casino Royale was filmed in front of the villa.

Can you swim in Lake Como?

Yes, you can swim in the lake but you have to remember that it is a lake so in parts won’t be ideal for swimming. 6. Re: Is Lake Como safe to swim in? Lake Como is odd in that there is no outlet at the town of Como.

Who has a house in Lake Como?

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney Handsome George is probably the most famous resident of Lake Como, one of the most exclusive Italian areas, where he notably owns a 22-room villa overlooking the beautiful lake that he bought for 10 million dollars.

Can you visit Villa del balbianello?

Visiting Villa del Balbianello Villa del Balbianello is open to the public from November to mid March. A ticket to the garden costs ~8 euros while a guided tour of the villa costs ~17 euros. Tours are available Tuesday and Thursday through Sunday.

How much is George Clooney’s Lake Como house worth?

In 2002, George Clooney decided to purchase the property, which is located in Laglio, Italy, for nearly $14 million. Almost two decades later, Closer Weekly revealed that the value of the lavish property is roughly around $100 million.

How much does a wedding at Villa balbianello cost?

A ceremony (minimum 2 hours rental): 8,174 euro – Venue hire for 2 hours for more than 50 guests at 6,700 euro plus VAT. A ceremony + aperitif (minimum 3 hours rental): 10,980 – Hire fee for 3 hours for over 50 guests at 9,000 euro plus 22% VAT.

Where did Anakin and Padme get married?

Villa BalbianelloVilla Balbianello – Lake Como, Italy Located near George Clooney’s mansion, this villa had a brief feature in 007 Casino Royale. Its most famous on-screen moment was certainly Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker’s secret wedding in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

How much is a wedding in Portugal?

You can organize a wedding for 85-100 people between 15,000 euros and 25,000 euros in Portugal or Lisbon, which is quite affordable compared to prices in Western Europe or the Americas. Expats can only marry in Portugal according to Portuguese law.

Which is the best town to stay in Lake Como?

The best towns to stay in near Lake Como: Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna, Como, or anywhere with especially scenic lake views!

What is the best time of year to visit Lake Como?

The best time to visit is between March and November, when temperatures are warm and the sun shines the most. If you plan to visit Como Lake, there are pros and cons of each season. The weather of Como Lake in July and August is the best you can get.

How do I get from Bellagio to Villa Balbianello?

The best way to get from Bellagio to Villa del Balbianello without a car is to ferry which takes 29 min and costs 3€ – 4€. How long does it take to get from Bellagio to Villa del Balbianello? The ferry from Bellagio to Lenno takes 10 min including transfers and departs five times a day.

Can you get married at Lake Como?

Lake Como is actually one of the favourite destinations for foreign couples who want to marry in a magical Italian location. Thanks to its geographical setting and its mild climate, weddings can be planned from March up to October-November. Venues like Villa del Balbianello speak for themselves.

Where is Lake Como in Italy?

LombardyLake Como, Italian Lago di Como, also called Lario, Latin Lacus Larius, lake in Lombardy, northern Italy, 25 miles (40 km) north of Milan; it lies at an elevation of 653 feet (199 m) in a depression surrounded by limestone and granite mountains that reach an elevation of about 2,000 feet (600 m) in the south and more …

Who got married in Lake Como?

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend The model and John Legend celebrated their nuptials on Lake Como, Italy, in September 2013. The wedding took place at Villa Pizzo, the location where they first fell in love. Chrissy wore a total of three Vera Wang dresses on her big day.

Is it expensive to get married in Italy?

A wedding in Italy usually costs between 20 000 and 80 000 euros, depending on the number of guests and the number of rendered services and their quality. … Not only luxury weddings but also budget wedding are on the rise in popularity in Italy. Nowadays mostly the couples pay for their wedding and not their parents.